GMarsh TV creates high end feature documentaries catered to both our audiences in Ireland and internationally. We’ve built a reputation for telling unique and gripping stories, often with rural or cultural roots. We love telling real people’s stories and we work closely with Ireland’s top network television companies to share local stories with large audiences.

Tomorrow Is Saturday

1 x 52min - RTÉ
1 x 87min - Feature

Tomorrow is Saturday is an intimate portrait of the life and work of Irish collage artist Sean Hillen. Diagnosed late in life with Aspergers, Hillen has reached a point in his career where he finds it almost impossible to work. Trapped in a tiny terraced house, full to the brim with junk, unfinished art and boxes of memories, Sean embarks on a journey to declutter and make sense of his life as he waits the arrival of his beloved Amy – an American woman with whom he communicates daily but has never met.

The Funeral Director

1 x 52min - RTÉ
1 x 82Min - Feature

Offering an unprecedented glimpse into a world most of us never consider until it’s thrust upon us by bereavement. But, far from morbid or dark, The Funeral Director is a life-affirming story, full of empathy, unexpected revelations and strangely, hope.

Sam Barry - Beyond the Baseline

1 x 52min - RTÉ

An insightful documentary following the elation’s and heartbreaks of professional tennis player, Limerick man Sam Barry as he competes on the international tennis tour in a bid to reach the Grand Slams.

The Seahorse Man

4 x 30min & 1 Hour Special - RTÉ Factual

The compelling story of passionate marine biologist Kealan Doyle’s as he journeys to China to expose the massive and unethical trade in seahorses. Kealan embarks on a mission to establish the world’s first commercial seahorse breeding programme to save a species that has survived since the time of the dinosaur.

Nancy Corrigan - Sky Blazer

1 x 52min (English/Gaeilge) - TG4

This inspirational documentary tells the remarkable story of a young girl who emigrated from in Achill in 1929 and went on to become one of the most successful aviators in US history. 

Waking The Titanic

1 x 52min (English/Gaeilge)- TG4

A unique account of hope and the loss suffered by the people of a tiny west of Ireland village whose sons and daughters went in search of a better life only to be subsumed by the tragic destiny of the world’s greatest ship.