A time of wonder, discovery and play

We LOVE Kids Television! Whether it be scouring the beach for hidden treasures or helping children learn through magical fairy stories, GMarsh TV produces a wide range of content for younger audiences. We are specialists in the children’s television genre and have a number of series currently airing on Ireland’s national broadcaster RTÉ



16 Episodes x 15 minutes RTÉ 2

Bush Kids follows four different families, each brought to a different habitat to learn how to survive in the wild. Bushcraft & survival expert, Tom Bán, shares his skills with each family as they travel on an adventure into the wilds of Ireland.

With just their backpacks, the bush Kids, aged 5–12 years and accompanied by a parent, explore their given habitat and learn how to survive using only what they find around them.
Join Tom and the Bush Kids and learn how to light fires without a lighter, build camping shelters, prep and cook food on an open camp fire, and explore the wonders and resources in some of Ireland’s most remote areas.
Each family will travel to a different habitat which include, the Forest, Coast & Islands, the Meadows and Bogland, and explore how each location is unique especially when it comes to survival.


Living With A Fairy

30 Episodes 15 x 6 minutes 15 x 9 minutes- RTÉ Junior

Follow Jay and Niamh whose lives are turned upside down when a mysterious fairy moves in with them.

Fairy gets up to all sorts of mischief from practicing to be a tooth fairy on Jay to hypnotising him, when she is bored she plays tricks on Percy the cat changing him into a rabbit. You never know what will happen next.


15 x 15 Minutes - RTÉ Junior

Join the Wildlife Warriors as they explore different habitats up and down the country, from the coast to the city, discovering the plants, animals, bugs, birds and bees that live around us.


15 x 6 Minutes - RTÉ Junior

It’s summertime and the local agricultural show is around the corner. We follow different children and their families as they get their sheep, cows and ponies ready for the show.

Our Farm

15 x 6mins - RTÉ Junior

Our Farm explores daily life on the Doyle family farm through the eyes of the four Doyle children. Liam (9), Déirbhle (8), Ailbhe (5) and Féilim (3) live with their Mum and Dad on a mixed farm on the slopes of Nephin Mountain in Co. Mayo.

Out And About

10 x 6mins - RTÉ junior

Out and About follows the Doyle children from Our Farm as they go out and about on day trips and field trips, having adventures in their local area of North Mayo.

Our Seaside

15 x 6mins - RTÉ Junior

Meet the Lynn Family, Johnny (6), Anna (4), Katie (2) and Baby Sara who live right by the sea with their mum and dad in Killala at the tip of North Mayo. With the shore as their back garden, the family enjoy all sorts of seaside adventures.