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Bushcraft and survival expert Tom Ban takes to the wild in the second series of Bush Kids traveling across mountains and rivers, teaching the Bush kids how to find food and build shelter to survive.

Bush Kids follows four families, each brought to a different habitat to learn how to survive in the wild, where bushcraft survival expert, Tom Bán, will shares his skills.

With just their backpacks, the Bush Kids, aged 5–12 years and accompanied by a parent, explore their given habitat and learn how to survive using only what they find around them.

Join Tom and the Bush Kids and learn how to build camping shelters, light fires without matches, prep and cook food on the open campfire, while they explore the wonders and discover the resources in some of Ireland’s most remote areas.

Episodes 1–4: The Wild Coast


The Quinn family from Tipperary are thrown straight into the deep end as they visit Ireland’s coastline, learning from Tom the necessary survival skills to survive in this enviourment. Eilise, Rian, Ewan and their dad, John, are exposed to the coastal elements as they travel though sand dunes to find an ideal place to camp. They discover how to catch and cook their own food, build their own shelters, while also learning about the surrounding environment.

Episodes 5–8: Mountains & Rivers


The Enright family from Kerry brave possibly the most difficult habitat in the series, the mountains and rivers!

Travelling with just what’s on their backs, Bush Kids Olivia, Robert and Brian and their mum, Eilin, spend three days surviving in an area with very little resources and a terrain that would be difficult for any explorer. The Bush Kids explore hidden caves, travel through fast-flowing rivers, and catch and cook their own food. They encounter many challenges along the way, including rapidly changing weather and plagues of biting midges but Tom Bán is on hand to guide them on their journey.

Episodes 9–12: Meadows & Lakes

3rd to 6th APRIL ON RTÉ2

The Riecka family from Dublin travel far away from the comfort of their city apartment, to a magical area of Ireland. Liliya, Nikita, Melanie, and mum Martina are brought by Tom on a journey to the meadows. They will explore a mystical forest, an ancient ringfort and sleep in a shelter made by braches and leaves, along the banks of a picturesque lake. The Bush Kids will travel by boat to their second camp where they will learn how to cook dinner on an open fire and make beautiful artwork using only materials from their surroundings.  For the Rieckas, their Bush Kids adventure will be one they will never forget.

Episodes 13–16: Lakes & Islands

11th to the 14th APRIL ON RTÉ2

In the final habitat of the series, Tom takes the McNamara family from Meath deep into the forest, where they explore their surroundings and use whatever resources are available to survive.

Bush Kids Tiarna, Aedan and Danny and their dad, John, learn how to build a warm shelter, using only what they find on the forest floor. The Bush Kids must travel across a deep lake to camp on a hidden island; with no boats insight, they must first build a raft to get them there. They will learn an ancient way of cooking food on an open fire just like their ancestors would have thousands of years ago. 

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